Shanghai Beikai Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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  Shanghai Beikai Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprsise engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing biochemical equipment, modern pharmaceutical equipment, and science education apparatus. Based on advanced technology, the company can offer services including equipment design and production, instrument selection and matching, installation and debugging, spare parts and components to biological pharmacy, science education experiment, food environmental protection, fine chemical, etc.

  Main products are BC-R series rotatory evaporator, BG-S series constant temperature agitator, glass reactor, BC-FY series separator, BC-W series constant temperature bath pan, and they are highly preferred by customers at home and abroad for stable and reliable quality.

   Adhering to the tenet of "first-class quality, lead the industry", based on first-class products and excellent services, we will make contributions to biotechnology industry.


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